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Tariff of Charges


In addition to the premiums charged by insurers, we normally make charges to cover the administration of your insurance.  Full details of our standard charges are here and the charges will be confirmed with you before any chargeable commitment is made with Executive Insurance Services Limited.

  • For setting up your policy or at renewal:  A fee of 20% of the premium payable will apply.  For policies which are under £500 in premium a £100 fee will apply.

  • Making changes to your policy, in addition to any charges an insurer makes:  A charge of £50.00 will apply.

  • Changes made on your policy for a non-disclosure:  A charge of £100 will apply.

  • Cancellation charges:  A charge of £50.00 will apply.

  • Recorded delivery post.  This fee is charged in any cases a recorded delivery letter is issued.  This includes cancellation letters.

  • Special delivery post (only when requested by you): A charge of £10.00 will apply.

  • Payment by business debit cards and business credit cards: A charge of £10.00 will apply.

  • For motor trade business, if the insurer has its own on-line for MID vehicle updates: A charge of £15.00 will apply if you ask us to update the MID on your behalf.

We do not charge any fees in relation to credit broking activities.

In the event that your policy is voided by the insurance company for Non-disclosure, Executive Insurance Services Limited will retain all commissions and fees earned in arranging your Insurance policy.


For payments by instalments, a minimum deposit of 20% is required.  This applies to annual policies only, please note minimum premiums apply.